Frequently asked questions

Can I get my eyelash extensions wet?

Keep your eyelashes dry for 24 hours

How do I look after my eyelashes?

Brush daily with the lash brush that I'll give you. Clean regularly with baby shampoo diluted in warm water, Pat dry with a towel and brush through. This gets rid of any oils, make up residue and bacteria. Keeping your lashes clean prevents any infections and helps the lashes last longer.

Can I use make up remover with my eyelashes?

Do not use oil based make up removers on your lashes - this will break down the glue bond quicker.

Can I top up my tan with eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions aren't keen on frequent sauna/steam room/ sunbed use. This can cause the glue bonf to break down quicker.

Can I remove my eyelashes?

Refrain from picking your extensions. You shouldn't be able to feel them on your eyes but if you do pick this will damanger you natural lashes. Always have them removed professionally.

How often should I have my eyelashes infilled?

Natural lashes shed every 4 - 6 weeks so sometimes you may feel you're losing your lashes slightly quicker in between infills. This is completely normally but please book infills accordingly. Every 2 - 3 weeks.

Can I get my new eyebrows wet?

Keep your new brows clean and dry as possible for the first 10 days. This is very important so the pigment can heal properly.

My eyebrows have a scab is this normal?

Brows will produce a very light 'scab'. over the first 7 - 10 days. Please do not touch or pick this as it can affect how well your brows heal.

How long does it take from my eyebrows to heal?

Each persons skin heals differently so please be patient! Any adjustments of shape colour and definition will be carried out in your top up appointment 4 -6 weeks after your 1st treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Some skins especially oilier skins may need a 3rd treatment. The oil in the skin can sometimes repell the pigment so a 3rd treatment may be necessary. This will be carried our 4 - 6 weeks after your 2nd treatment.

Can I use makeup on my eyebrows?

Please do not use brow pencil/ powder for 10 days after having yout brows tattooed as this can interfere with the healing.

Can I wax my eyebrows?

No tinting or waxing to be carried out for 14 days after having brows tattooed.

How can I help my eyebrows heal?

Follwing after care is crucial to making sure your brows heal perfectly.

Why do my eyebrows look darker?

Brows will darken in the first few days and maybe a littke bit tender. This is normal so please don't panic.

My eyelashes itch is this normal?

As the skin heals it may itch please do not ccratch your broes. This will subside after a couple of days.

How often do I need to top up my eyebrow colour?

Colour boosts are recommended every 12 months to keep them looking fresh. This again depends on each individual so the price will be changed accordingly.

Will you top up the colour of other technicians?

Top ups/ colour boosts from other technicians requires a consultation and preices start from £150.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of my treatments please do not hesitate to contact me.